2021 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Control
Prof. Yuanlong Chen, Hefei University of Technology

Prof. Yuanlong Chen, Hefei University of Technology


Research Area: 

Special processing technology and equipment

Research Experience:

Managing Director and Deputy Secretary-General of the Special Processing Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Director of the Electrochemical Processing Technical Committee.

Member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Special Processing Machine Tools.

Member of the Specialized Processing Committee of the Chinese Society of Military Industry.

Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of Anhui Water Treatment Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center.

Member of Academic Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Electrochemical Processing.

Presided over the formulation of 8 national and industry standards.

Edited 8 books and teaching materials.

Won the third prize of provincial scientific and technological progress and the second prize of municipal scientific and technological progress each.

Authorized 2 invention patents and 3 software copyrights.

Presided over and participated in the projects of National 863, National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Armament Department, National Defense Science and Industry Commission, China Machinery Industry Federation and other plans.

In view of the processing difficulties of key components in the defense military industry, such as hard-to-process materials, complex surfaces and high surface integrity, we have independently developed dozens of sets of electrochemical processing equipment (including machine tools, pulse power supplies, electrolyte systems and CNC systems), which have been successfully applied in leading backbone enterprises in the defense military industry, such as aviation, aerospace and nuclear energy, to replace imports. Typical users include: Xi'an Aircraft International Aviation Manufacturing Company, Nanjing Aerospace Chenming Group, Shenyang Aerospace Xinguang Group, Xi'an Aerospace Engine Factory, Capital Aerospace Machinery Company, China Academy of Atomic Energy Science, etc.